Green Energy

Bio-waste processing 



The future is here. Power is in connection, cooperation and optimization. 

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Who is ENERGE?

A team of senior experts and managers with extensive experience in the waste management, construction of energy units and their operations, specializing in the field of green technologies, waste re-processing and innovations.

Climate change and environmental degradation are an existential threat to Europe and the world. We acknowledged the fact that only new and innovative solutions in the field of waste processing and energy move us and our partners forward. 



Disposal of bio-waste without the production of free methane.  Sanitization using residual heat. 

Aggregation & Flexibility

Management and optimization of the performance of energy resources according to the needs of the network and connecting them into virtual units.  Forecasting / Trading

Green Commodities

Production of certified electricity, heat, clean biomethane and its supply to distribution networks. Certification according to ISCC/REDII.

Control & Optimization

 IT platform and hardware as part of the control system for operation management and monitoring, evaluation and planning.


In cooperation with our partners, clients and our know-how, we can define proper solution mix balanced with benefits 


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